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Pakistani fashion has grown a lot with time. Moreover, it has also gone through various phases, making it unique. Whereas, Pakistani fashion is a blend of traditional and modern dresses. But those which are still largely conventional have their significance as a representation of Pakistani traditions. Whereas, Pakistani dresses have increasingly become popular around the world. Pakistani Weeding Dresses launched traditional wedding wear dresses all over the world. They have succeeded in identifying many designers and

There are many benefits of selecting a dress from one of the many popular designers ready to wear range. Surely this is the most common choice when girls choose their wedding dresses. As in Pakistan, the wedding consist of various events such as Mayon, Mehndi, Baraat, Walima and the latest bridal shower trend should not be forgotten.

Thus, making a long list of events to be attended. However, the main reasons why you should choose our bridal wear dresses.

Reasons for choosing our Party and Wedding Dresses

1-The dress expresses you

Contacting a designer and choosing a wedding wear dress to suit your needs. This means you can make sure your personality and your style shine through your beautiful dress. Your beautiful bridal wear dress will be your essence, an extension of your personality if you want. So as you buy your favourite dress think of it as a reflection of your personality.

2-Famous Trends

Today many of us look for celebrities styles to get some inspiration for our fashion style. We even set our ideas of having the perfect Wedding Dresses from our favourite drama serial or the gorgeous models walking up the ramp. This gives tons of ideas about what our dress should be like. While some of these couture best dresses appear to be out of the budget elements. Fashion Affair online clothing store has set themselves ready to offer you beautiful Wedding Dresses and party wear dresses at affordable prices.

Party wear dresses

To look the best

All of the ladies want to look at the most beautiful at the wedding. Indeed all the ladies or we can say the majority wants themselves to be dressed in the best yet unique party wear dresses. Then, ladies you are at the right site because Fashion Affairs online clothing store tends to offer you the best yet unique wedding and party wear dresses to help you shine the best in the ceremony and to make your event memorable.

4-Unique and Elegant Look

Elegance is the demand of time and admired almost by everyone. While it is hard to be elegant and have a highly attractive wedding wear dress. So Fashion affairs offer you the best wedding and party wear dresses that are easy to carry accompanied by its beautiful colour combinations and beautiful light embroidery. Giving party wear dresses an elegant look.

Wedding Dresses Season

A primary factor for deciding a wedding and bridal wear dress is the season. But now it does not appear to be a big issue as usually most of the events take place in air-conditioned halls. Giving you the best chance to dress up the best regardless of the season.

Yet, if the wedding is held in summer, a lightweight party wear dress with a beautiful colour combination can give you effortless beauty. Thus, we offer you season after season with the best wedding wear dresses.

Online Service

Wedding and party wear dresses are an elegant yet beautiful piece of cloth that adds beauty to the one wearing it. The most beautiful party wear dresses are usually found in the most crowded areas of the city. That might result in your mood to exhaust if you are a sort of person who doesn’t enjoy long errands. Thus, to avoid such problems we provide you online service to deliver your order at your doorstep. Making it easy for you to select the wedding wear dresses comfortably in your own house.

6-Encourage local sector

With our local “Desi” designer, designing the most beautiful wedding wear dresses means that there local small business is encouraged. You’ll also have comfort in knowing exactly where are the dresses being stitched as we are aware of the latest trends and demands of our local customers.

We encourage local small businesses by offering their wedding wear and party wear dresses at reasonable rates and delivering them at your doorstep.

So if you are looking for stunning and beautiful wedding dresses. Contact us today and get the best casual, unstitched, wedding and party wear dresses now.

Womens Fabric

Top Leading Women Fabric Brand in Pakistan shop online

Women Fabric in Pakistan

Top 10 Brands for Women fabric in Pakistan

Clothes are one of the vital traits of your personality now. Thus, Fashion Affairs clothing Store offers Top 10 Brands for women fabric in Pakistan. That would add an amazing look to your personality. With its pleasant collection of new arrivals.

Certainly, we believe that beauty is universal. Therefore, we take our inspirations for our women fabric new arrivals from a varied global platform. And get it under one roof. As we realize style and fashion is a vital part of life. So, we try to bring it to your doorstep as it is the best way of our Clothing Store.

Our Partner of Women’s fabric

Furthermore, we have partnered with the best and famous leading brands: Gul Ahmed, Bonanza, Tarz. Along with Floria, Cross Stitch, Salitex, and Iznik in Pakistan. Indeed we deliver the best material. We have a truly unique view of Women’s fabric. Surely, our Clothing Store consists of 100% original new arrivals.

Moreover, carefully colours and trending women’s fabric. We never fail to meet our customers’ price expectations. We deliver top quality pieces to make you feel confident. Here are the details of the top leading women’s fabric brands in Pakistan:

Asia’s chief clothing brands-Gulahmed

It is one of Asia’s chief clothing brands. Indeed, when it comes to women’s fabric. Hence, with the various clothing range such as unstitched fabric, and a variety of casual and formal (female) wear. Best known for its ever pleasing new arrivals. With a diverse product range, Gul Ahmed delivers fashion at a great value. It serves various customer demands. That adds to content and successful retail experience. Fashion Affairs is the best platform that can help you get Gul Ahmed’s popular new arrivals

High-quality women fabric Bonanza 

Bonanza picks the best industries to produce the best women’s fabric. Therefore, they are pleasant designs. And beautifully needled impressions to stay a step ahead of future growth. Furthermore, they reflect the demands of our society members. They make careful, in-depth research and analysis of transitional trends in fashion. So to make the best diverse range of pieces offered to customers. Fashion Affairs is the platform for the choice of beautiful new arrivals.


Salitex has revealed itself as an incredible brand. With its embroidery luxury, textured placidly against the most beautiful women’s fabric. The females love the combination of produced fabric and embroidery. So its new arrivals always tend to meet the uniqueness. Fashion Affairs is the platform for the choice of most fashionable Salitex clothes.

Cross Stitch 

Cross Stitch is one of the country’s top stores of women’s fabric. From the cross-stitch technique, the brand turned its uniqueness. It creates beautiful pieces with the touch of old art. They combine traditional thread work with latest trends, colours to provide beautiful clothing. So, Fashion Affairs is a platform where you can find the traditional Cross Stitch new arrivals.